Kōkua Harvest is a program of The Food Basket - Hawaiʻi Island’s Food Bank.

If you are in need of immediate food assistance, please contact
The Food Basket’s Hilo (808.933.6030) or Kona (808.322.1418) warehouses.

A photo of 'ulu after harvesting


Through the act of working together to share fresh produce, Kōkua Harvest connects and nourishes our island, builds stronger community relationships, and fosters a deeper appreciation for the food and resources our ʻāina (land) provides for us.


We achieve our mission by harvesting and distributing excess produce from farms and private residents to community groups and individuals around Hawaiʻi Island. We work with volunteers who harvest the produce, then we team up with local community groups who distribute the harvests to their patrons.


Kōkua Harvest is dedicated to community. Hawaiʻi as a once sovereign nation has a long cultural identity tied to food and agriculture, including the sharing of food, and there is an increasing desire to be more food independent and less wasteful. Harvests offer our Hawaiʻi Island community the chance to connect with their food system and with each other.

To crop donors we offer people power, tools, and education to empower you to provide access to fresh fruits and vegetables for your fellow neighbors.

To volunteers we offer a safe community to share knowledge and skills with, opportunities to meet your neighbors and learn more about Hawaiʻi Island’s food system, and a fun, active way to spend a morning or afternoon in exchange for a portion of our harvest.

The beneficiaries of our harvests receive fresh, local produce at no cost to them.

A photo of 'ulu after harvesting


In 2018 the County of Hawaiʻi Food Access Coordinator (FAC) identified the need for an island-wide food rescue program. In February 2019, the FAC, Project Director, and Project Manager presented the idea at a Hawaiʻi Island Food Alliance (HIFA) meeting. Through an inclusive and thorough discussion, the community shared their support and concerns for the project. As a direct result of that discussion, the program harvested its first crop in October 2019 and since then has harvested and distributed over 20,000 lbs. of fresh fruits and vegetables to local residents in all nine districts of Hawaiʻi Island.


Kōkua Harvest is based on Hawaiʻi Island. If you’re interested in food rescue and are located on another island, please see the list below to find a food rescue program closer to you.
If you live in Puna, our sister program, Out on a Limb, would love to hear from you! Check them out on Facebook.


Lisa DeSantis, Project Manager

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